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D.H. 88 Comet


The de Haviland D. H. 88 Comet was specifically developed in 1934 for the London/Melbourn air race.  Outfitted with two 230 horsepower motors, variable -pitch propeller, and retractable undercarriage, the Comet was far ahead of her time not only due to her exciting design.

The elliptical wing planform coupled with the integrated retractable undercarriage/engine nacelles dictates the use of full fiberglass construction techniques.  Prominent details such as  the rib ridges in the wing and tailplane, along with the preformed panel segments and fairing elements, lend the model a high degree of realism.  Thru consequent emphasis on lightness, coupled with highest possible structural integrity, we have succeeded  in offering the Comet as a full fiberglass model where the flight performance parallels that of the original – even with the use of electric power.


Kit information
Full fiberglass construction One-piece fiberglass wing with pre-formed engine nacelles and pre-installed ailerons Fiberglass tailplane Fiberglass sandwich fuselage with intgrated vertical stabilizer/rudder Clear canopy Available in the "Grosvenor House" livery "Black Magic" and British Racing Green livery available on specil request.













Technical Specifications: Accssesories:
Wingspan: 206 cm (81 in.)  
Lenght: 140 cm (41 in.)   Wheel set
Weight: ca. 3.300 g   Pneumatic retractable undercarriage
Recommended Motor: 2x MOKI XS 8

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E-Power set comprising 2x MOKI XS 8 

    or MEGA 22/20/4 

    or 22/20/2 Gear 




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