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Heinkel HE-111


The characteristic wing geometry and the imposing overall visual impact motivated us to recreate this machine in model form.  All access panels, rivets and panel lines are reproduced in the super-detailed fiberglass surface, giving the Heinkel its unique appearance.  Using the latest light weight construction techniques lets the builder set up this electric-twin aircraft with a retractable undercarriage, allowing take-offs from a grass runway.




Kit Information:

Full fiberglass (FG) construction One piece FG wing with pre-formed engine nacells and mounted ailerons FG stab/elevator FG sandwich fuselage with formed vertical stab and mounted rudder Clear cockpit and bombardier panels  Available in brown/beige or dark green camouflage


Technical Specifications:
Wing span: 73.25 in. Accessories:
Length: 56 in. Pneumatic retracts
Weight: approx. 7.25 lbs. Wheel set
Power: Twin electric w. 10 cells (min)

Electro-Power set with 2x MOKI XS 8

    or MEGA 22/20/4 

    or 22/20/2 with gearbox