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LET L-510


The model of the L-510 offers the striking lines of the full size version plus gentle flight characteristics.  With two electric motors and a minimum of 12 cells,  the model is clear for takeoff.  Flight performance is very good and the visual impact in flight is absolutely breathtaking.  A large number of rivets, hatch covers and fairings is  pre-formed on the airframe lending the character of the original to the model.



Kit Information:
Full fiberglass (FG) construction Pre-painted and trimmed (silver-white)


Technical Specifications:
Wing span: 61 in.  Accessories:
Length: 61 in. 
Weight: approx. 7.75 lbs.
Power: 10 cells (min.)

Electric power system with 2x MOKI XS 8

    or MEGA 22/20/4 

    or MEGA 22/20/2 with gearbox