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Going into service in 1957,  the Super-Conny became THE Air Classic. With her triple fin configuration and elegant lines, she became a symbol for the North Atlantic passenger routes.


The kit was so concieved, that a decent sized model, built around four SPEED-400 motors, would result in a product with very good flight characteristics at a low wing loading.  By using only choice materials, such as balsa as a support medium for the wing and the built-up tailplane, we achieved a very high degree of structural integrity.  The Conny has also proven to be a very classy PSS model!

Kit Information:
Full fiberglass construction One-piece wing with pre-formed engine nacelles Completely built-up and covered tailplane Choice of two airline variants: LUFTHANSA or TWA.
Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 186 cm(73.25 in.)       Accessories:
Length: 117 cm(46 in.)        Power set includes 4 x SPEED 400 motors, propellers, prop hub adapters, and wiring harness.
Weight: ca. 2.000 g(4.4 lbs.)       Tow release mechanism
Power: SPEED 400 (Recommended) x 4

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