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Tiger Moth


The de Havilland Tiger Moth is one of the best  known aircraft whatsoever.  Developed in the beginnings of the 30's as a trainer aircraft for the British Royal Air Force, the "Moth" or "Tiggy" has lost none of its charm thru the years.  Lovingly restored and pampered, many examples of this classic biplane are still flying.

The Tiger Moth is available in many sizes from a number of manufacturers.  We have decided to introduce, using our well-known full fiberglass technique, a "small" model with a wing span of 36 inches.   The model comes fully painted and detailed – including the characteristic rib stiching.  Using a geared 400 class electric motor, flight times of 8 to 10 minutes are normal.  A nice, compact model, the fully assembled Tiger Moth  will fit in almost all car trunks – the ideal model for that "quick flight before going home after work".


Kit Information:
Full fiberglass (FG) construction  Fuselage built in FG-sandwich technique FG wing struts Landing gear RAF markings and paint scheme (silver/yellow).


Technical Specifications:
Wing span: 36.25 in (92 cm) Accessories:
Length: 31.5 in. (80 cm)  
Weight: approx. 34.5 oz. 45mm. (1.75 in.) wheel set


8 cells/ Speed 400 (geared)

Speed 400 with gearbox

MEGA Brushless 16/7/7 with micro


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