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Albatros L-39

The L-39 ALBATROS entered service in the mid-70's as the standard trainer for the Warsaw-Pact Combat Air Services.  The elegant lines and the LARGE intake air-ducts moved us to create the L-39 as a model for both  jet TURBINE and DUCTED FAN power sources.

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The wing and tailplane mounting system and  the retract gear hard-points are pre-installed.  Coupled with the exact scale detailing of the fiberglass surfaces, you will be awarded with a model that, with a minimum of effort, can be competitive even at the International level.



Kit Information

Full fiberglass construction Two-piece fiberglass  wing with built-in retract gear hardpoints and wing mounting system Removable, two-piece fiberglass stab/elevator    Mounted, gapless controll surfaces Fiberglass canopy frame Choice of white or silver base color.


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Technical Specifications: Accessories:
Wingspan: 138 cm (54.33in.)
Length: 175 cm (68.90in.) Ducted-fan installation kit
Weight: ab 6,5 kg (14.5 lb. and up) Turbine istallation kit
Scale retract gear




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