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Albatros L-39 1:5


We now offer our L-39 Albatros in the "next size up".  Working closely together with the two highly successful jet-model pilots, Stephan Voelker and Thomas Gleissner, we have, using the basic data from our "small" model, further developed the Albatros to a "no holds barred"model in one-fifth scale with virtually ALL details of the original.

 Besides the scale surface detail with all the scoops, panels, and rivets, we particularly took the landing gear under close scrutiny.  We were able to construct the gear using original factory drawings and can now offer a full, shock-absorbing, SCALE pressure die-cast retractable landing gear.  As a "Worlds first" in the model aircraft scene, this gear comes with a complete, pneumatically actuated, drum brake system.

 The synthesis of technique and know-how, coupled with outstanding flight characteristics and beautiful lines, has brought the L-39 Albatros to the pinnacle of jet models. 


Stephan Voelker and Thomas Gleissner  - 2003 World and Vice World  Jet Model Champs with the one-fifth scale AIRWORLD L-39 Albatros.




















Kit Information:

Full fiberglass construction > Two-piece FG wing with built-in landing gear hardpoints, joiners, and servo mounts > Plug-in FG horizontal tailplane with servo mounts > Assembled, gap free control surfaces > FG canopy framework > Large selection of accessories.
















Technical Specifications:


Wingspan: 190cm (74.8 in.)    
Length: 245cm (96.5 in.)    
Weight:  from 16Kg (35 lbs.)    
 Turbine:  from 12kp (26 lb.)    





Scale Cockpit 

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Scale landing gear and wheels

Pneumatiksatz.jpg (48981 Byte)

Pneumatic installation kit

Scale Piloten

alba_tank.jpg (26292 Byte)
4.5 litre fiberglass fuel tank

alba_duct.jpg (25779 Byte)

Schubrohr.jpg (30873 Byte)

Thrust tube





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