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Messerschmitt Me 262



The Me 262 was the worlds first series produced jet fighter.  As early as 1939, the concept of a twin turbine jet fighter was born, and the successful first flight in July 1942 – proven.  With a top speed of 870kp/h (540mp/h),  was markedly faster than any of its piston-powered counterparts.  The elegant lines, timeless design, and the revolutionary propulsion system capture the fascination of the public even to this day.  We could not refuse the challenge to awaken the aura of the original, and the fascination it creates, in model form.



There was no question about the use of full-fiberglass constrution techniques for our Me 262.  The characteristic wing geometry and the striking fuselage cross-section with all the rivets, panels, and other surface details dictates this material for a continually reproducible form to be realized.  The removable engine nacelles are reinforced for the turbine (jet) version.  Keeping lightness, with the greatest possible structural integrity in the forefront, coupled with TWO turbines results in one fantastic flying model.

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The Me 262 is one of the most interesting twin-turbine model aircraft of our time.  The flight presentation with the sound of twin jet turbines is unique.





Scale Retractable landing gear


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Kit Information:

Silver gel-coated FG construction One-piece FG wing with removable engine nacelles and built-in retractable landing gear hardpoints Removable FG horizontal tailplane > FG sandwich fuselage with formed vertical fin All control surfaces pre-mounted Camouflage paint scheme (see photos) available at extra cost.


Bausatz mit Sonderlackierung:

Dscn5029.jpg (22097 Byte) Dscn5032.jpg (17147 Byte) Dscn5035.jpg (18282 Byte) Dscn5036.jpg (21346 Byte)
Dscn5040.jpg (19708 Byte) Dscn5039.jpg (20097 Byte) Dscn5038.jpg (17627 Byte) Dscn5037.jpg (21873 Byte)



Technical Specifications:  


200cm (78.75 in.)




175cm (68.9 in.)



from approx. 7Kg (15.5 lbs.)


Retractable landing gear

Rec. turbine:

2 x 3kp (2 x 6.5 lb. thrust)


Wheel set





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