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Jodel Robin




Known throughout the modeling fraternity as THE tow-tug, we have designed and built this model for precisely that purpose.  Thru the use of the tri-gear setup with a steerable nose wheel,take-offs and landings are simplified.  The chosen NACA airfoil lends the model docile flight characteristics. 



Two-piece removable wing and tailplane make the model, despite its HUGE dimensions, transportable.  The wing is factory set up to recieve the (as an accessory) sprung, scale landing gear.  The JODEL model, built to a scale of 1:3, outfitted with a motor from 60ccm (3.7 cu. in.) is ideally suited for towing larger class sailplanes.


Kit Information:


Full fiberglass construction Two-piece removable wings and tailplane Clear, two-part canopy.















FahrwerkJodel.JPG (24075 Byte)

Sprung landing gear


Spinner.JPG (21671 Byte)

 Fiberglass spinner

RadverkleidungJodel.JPG (17718 Byte)

Fiberglass wheel fairings


Technical Specifications:



Wingspan: 280 cm   Accessories:
Length: 220 cm   Sprung landing gear
Weight: ca. 15 kg   Fiberglass spinner
Motor: ab 60 ccm   Fiberglass wheel fairings
Rec. Motor:  MOKI 75



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