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Mustang P-51


The P-51 Mustang is one of, if not, THE most legendary aircraft in the history of flight!  This aircraft appeared in many variants that differed, not only in technical modifications, but also in many colorful paint schemes.  Those, who have had the opportunity to observe this aircraft at an airshow, have been immediatly overwhelmed by the sheer majesty of her in-flight presentation.

Naturally, all the surface details and characteristics of the original are preformed, and the model comes pre-painted in base silver.  This simplifies the final finishing process, especially when one wishes to go with the markings of "Dallas Doll" or "Bald Eagle" just to name a few.  The scale pneumatic retractable main gear (available as an accessory), helps to complete the fine overall picture.


Kit Information:
Full fiberglass construction Silver finish Landing flaps One piece wing Built in wheel wells Plug-in tailplane.
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Scale, shock absorbing, 

air-operated landing gear


Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 220cm (87 in.)       Accessories:
Length: 195cm (77 in.) Scale, shock absorbing, air-operated landing gear
Weight: approx. 10kg (22 lbs.) Retractable tailwheel
Power:  from 60ccm (3.6 cu. in.) Wheels
Rec. Motor: MOKI 75 Spinner




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