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Rallye Morane



The four-place Rallye Morane is utilized in many aeroclubs as a sailplane tow-tug and sport transport. 

The full-fiberglass model, built to the scale of 1:3, with a wing span of 128 inches, is a creation of the ex- world champion in F5-B, Florian Schambeck.  He is a well-known figure at many fly-ins, and is a common sight on the podium at scale contests with this aircraft.


As with the full size aircraft, the wing leading-edge slots allow extremely low speed, stable flight making the model ideally suited for sailpane towing duties.


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Kit Information:
Full fiberglass (FG) construction Two-piece FG wing with built-in landing gear hardpoints, joiner sleeves and servo mounts   Plug-in tailplane Scale flaps FG leading-edge flap Wide range of accessories available



Technical Specifications:
Wing Span: 128in. Accessories:
Length: 83in. Scale landing gear
Weight: from 39 lbs.   FG wheel-spats
Power: 5.4 – 9.7 cu. in. (90-160cc)  Breitling Decorbogen



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