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Suchoj SU-26MX

                                                       voll GFK

With the success of our 2 and 2.6 meter models, the writing was on the wall: A BIGGER ONE MUST FOLLOW!! 



And here she is!!  The ULTIMATE acrobat with the incomparable characteristics brought about thru the use of a radial engine, our Su-26MX with a wingspan of 315cm (124 in.).  Competition-proven by Werner Url in the European Akro-Cup series, this machine is a "MUST HAVE" for every Sukhoi fan.  















Kit Information:


Super-light and sturdy Gfk-Herex-Sandwich fuselage

Two-piece GFK-Herex-Sandwich wings

Plug-in GFK horizontal tailplane

Built-in joiner sockets

Cfk- Landing gear

Fiberglass wheel pants


Technical Specifications:


Wingspan: 315cm (124 in.)            
Length:  275cm (108 in.)  
Weight: <20Kg (<44 lbs.)   
Power:  from 150ccm (9.15 cu. in.)  
Rec. motor::     MOKI S250 Radial    




Breitling graphic set





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