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ASK 21


The ASK 21 tandem-seat glider is in service with many soaring clubs as a school-glider.  It is also certified for mild aerobatics to include inside loops, inverted flight, stall turn, lazy-eight, controlled rolls, hochgezogene Rollenkurve, Aufschwung, und hochgezogene Fahrtkurven.


This model, built to the  scale of 1:2.5, results in an airframe with a wingspan of 680cm (268 in. - That's 22ft. 4in. Bob!!) and a length of 334cm (131.5 in.). The model, once in its element with its  gigantic proportions, enthuses and inspires both thermal and aerobatic fans with her well-mannered flight characteristics. 















ASK 21Mi mit AFT 25 Klapptriebwerk





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Kit Information:

White gel-coated fiberglass fuselage with formed carbon-fiber reinforced vertical stabilizer Fiberglass rudder and horizontal tailplane Glass/carbon reinforced Styro/Obechi wing with built in double blade spoilers Shock absorbing main gear Cockpit tub Fiberglass canopy frames CNC milled formers Clear canopies.










gefedertes Hauptfahrwerk




Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 680cm (268 in.) Accessories:
Length: 334cm (131.5 in.) Tow release mechanism
Weight: from 22Kg (48.5 lbs.) Shock absorbing landing gear
Graphics sheet



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