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ASW 15

Test report in the May, 2003 issue of "MODELL" magazine (in German)

Bericht über die ASW15 in der "MODELL" Ausgabe 12/2009





Toward the end of the 1960's, the ASW 15, from the house of Alexander Schleicher, was designed and developed by Herr Waigel.  With its tall vertical fin an mid-fin mounted horizontal tailplane, the combination of good looks and great performance has established this aircraft as a well loved "early" classic.






Our one-third scale full fiberglass (FG) kit, built with the latest composite technology, offers you a model leaving no desires open – whether in looks or flight performance.  The impressive measurements underline the majestic presence and flight performance of the model, making it a good choice for both thermal and slope flying.  The high degree of pefabrication reduces the building time allowing you to get into the air sooner. The ASW 15 is a true classic!



Kit Information:

> White gel-coated FG fuselage > FG rudder and haorzontal tailplane > FG sandwich wings with installed double-leaf spoilers > Built- in wing  joiner sockets with 16mm steel joiner rod > Pre-mounted, gap free control surfaces > FG cockpit frame > CNC-milled formers > Transparent canopy.


















Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 500cm (197 in.) Accessories:
Length: 230cm (91 in.)   Tow release mechanism
Weight: approx. 8.5Kg (18 lbs.)  Fixed gear (standard), retract (optional)
Airfoil: HQ-Strak Graphics sheet