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ASW  27/28

ASW 24 (13.486 Byte)


The ASW 27/28 is the latest Sailplane from the forge of Alexander Schleicher, designed and developed by Herr Waigel.  The optimized "club" shape of the fuselage loans the ASW-series its unmistakable lines.  This trait is also interesting in model form, allowing more than adequate room for the RC installation and a scale cockpit interior.


The full fiberglass (FG)"kit" is practically "ready – to – fly".  About all that needs to be done is the installation of the RC gear and cockpit detailing.  The flight characteristics are very well balanced thanks to the chosen HQ airfoil, resulting in a model with a wide speed range ideally suited for both thermal and slope flying.

ASW 24/27 Fahrwerk (4.017 Byte)


Kit Information:
Full FG construction, Ready-To-Fly > Gap-free control surfaces > Optional flaps > Installed retractable gear and gear doors > Canopy and frame pre-glued > Built-in wing joiner with 16mm steel joiner rod > Graphics sheet.


Technical Specifications:

Wingspan: 400cm (157 in.)  Accessories:
Length: 175cm (69 in) Tow release mechanism
Weight: approx 6.2KG (13.6 lbs.)
Airfoil: HQ 3.14