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   Blanik L-23


The Super Blanik L-23 is a further development of the well known (with over 3000 units built) Blanik L-13.  Equipped with a T-tail to minimize damage in case of an off field landing, and a redesigned canopy providing better overall visibility, the L-23 found its primary duties in flight schooling, cross-country, and aerobatics. 




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Kit Information:

White gellcoated fiberglass (FG) fuselage with formed carbon fiber (CF) reinforced fin FG rudder FG horizontal tailplaneFG/CF reinforced pre-sheeted styrofoam wings with built-in, double-leaf spoilers

FG canopy frame CNC milled formers Transparent canopy.


Technical Specifications:
Wing Span: 19ft. 8in. (236in.) Accessories:
Length: 110in. Tow release mechanism
Weight: approx. 33 lbs. Wheel



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