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DG 600


The DG 600 is one of the newest full-composite creations from Glaser-Dirk. The slim fuselage and thedouble-taper wings present a fantastic silhouette.  In order to maintain airfoil accuracy and the high degree of structural integrity, we present this model to a scale of 1:3.7, in full fiberglass (FG) technology. 


DG 600 (18.645 Byte)
Fahrwerk DG 300 / DG 600 (5.399 Byte)

The double-leaf spoilers and linkages are factory installed.  The ailerons are ready for final installation.   The wing attachment system and the mount for the spoiler servo are integrated into the aluminium spar joiner bridge.  About all that's left to be done is to install the RC gear and apply the pressure sensitive graphics.

DG 600 Holmbrücke (5.282 Byte)


Kit Information:
Full FG construction Built-in double-leaf spoilers Wings compatible to the STEMME S-10.


Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 460cm ( 181 in.) Accessories:
Length: 185cm (73 in.) Retractable main gear
Weight: approx 5.2Kg (11.5 lbs.)    85mm wheel
Airfoil: fx 60/126 Tow release mechanism



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