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Nemere II


In the beginnings of the 1930's, a group of enthusiastic sailplane pilots under the leadership of Ernö Rubik, set out to develope the NEMERE as Hungary's entry for the Olympic Games.  The Nemere, as a full fiberglass (FG) model, is an old-timer that is a wonderful sight to behold on tow and on the slope due to her timeless elegance and majestic flight presence.

Nemere II (13.367 Byte)
Nemere II (5.546 Byte) The high level of pre-fabrication of the model allows you to enjoy the benefits of an "oldie" without spending years "hibernating" over the building board.

Nemere II Tragflügel (5.903 Byte)


Kit Information:

Full FG/composite construction Open frame two-piece wing and tail group, with transparent FG covering Built-in double-leaf spoilers with installed linkages Full floating elevator and rudder FG canopy frame 12mm round steel wing joiner White/transparent design.


Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 378cm (149 in.)  Accessories:
Length: 180cm (71 in.)   Tow release mechanism
Weight: approx. 5Kg (11 lbs.)
Airfoil: FX 100



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