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Nimbus 4



The Nimbus 4 is one of the most modern high-performance sailplanes on the market in the open class.  With its wingspan of 25 meters and an aspect-ratio of 38:1, the designers were able to achieve the fantastic glide slope of 62 making the Nimbus 4 the most successful sailplane to date in this class.

Built in full-fiberglass to a scale of 1:5, we designed the wing to be broken down into four segments which along with the fuselage length of 160 cm (63 in.) makes for a package that is compact and relatively easy to transport.  The flight characteristics in both thermal and slope conditions are excellent thru the use of HQ series airfoils allowing the integration of flaps.  This provides the pilot with the capability to adapt the airfoil to fit the flight conditions resulting in  well balanced overall control.  The high level of prefabrication reduces the assembly time to the point where the builder needs only to install the radio gear (barring scale cockpit detail). Plug & Play!



Kit Information

Full fiberglass (FG) construction  Four piece FG wing with built-in joiners and double-leaf spoilers FG horizontal tailplane and rudder FG fuselage with installed retractable gear and assembled canopy/frame Built-in 14mm wing joiner sleeve for the round steel joiner


DSCN5009.JPG (28686 Byte) DSCN5013.JPG (34807 Byte) DSCN5014.JPG (30956 Byte)
DSCN5015.JPG (21826 Byte) DSCN5017.JPG (20309 Byte)



Technical Specifications:
Wing Span: 209 in. (530 cm) Accessories: :
Length: 63 in (160 cm) Tow release mechanism
Weight: from 13 lbs
Airfoil: HQ  blended