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Stemme S-10


The Stemme S-10 is THE sensation in the soaring world, if not in the complete aviation world!  The brilliant creation of Dr. Stemme, to whom we extend our thanks for his personal support in the development of the model, marries the performance advantages of a high-performance sailplane and those of a power soarer into one machine.

The folding propeller is housed, during normal soaring, within the nose-cone.  When motor- assist is required, the nose-cone extends forward, the propeller unfolds, and the aircraft is ready for powered flight.  Retractable landing gear rounds out the aerodynamically successful creation.

Stemme (19.568 Byte)
Stemme Bugspitze (6.293 Byte)

Our model emulates the orininal in all aspects.  From retractable propeller, powered by a suitable electic motor, to retractable landing gear allowing ground take-offs.


Kit Information:
Full FG construction Aluminium spar bridge with integrated spoiler-servo mount 
Electric version: Combination mount with nose-cone actuator and electric motor Required electronics Folding propeller.


Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 460cm (181 in.)
Length: 168cm (66 in.)
Weight: approx. 6.5Kg (14 lb. 5 oz.)
Airfoil: FX 60/126



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