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   Swift S1


The SWIFT S-1 is the successor to the Kobuz 3, and is the most successful acro sailplane to date.  She proved her worth wiht the World Areobatic title in 1991and led to her being the most successful type at the 1993 Venlo World Championships.  We have successfully met the goals of the original in model dimensions.


The striking lines and breathtaking areobatic performance are shared by both the model and the full-sized machine.  Our use of the HQ airfoil and the optional, plug-in wing extensions, also permits the performance potential in thermic flight to be demonstrated.
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The scale of 1:3.5 presents gigantic proportions.  If this size seems too much, one can step down to our smaller version.  With more compact measurements, the smaller model loses only in size against the larger.  Both models are constructed in full fiberglass (FG) with all control surfaces gap-freemounted and ready for hook-up.  Wing flaps are available as an option.



Kit Information:
Full FG construction Gapless controll surfaces Factory installed double-leaf spoilers and linkages FG canopy frame Round steel wing joiner with the fuselage opening precisely pre-drilled.


 Swift S1 Spannweite 272cm




Technical Specifications: Available in two sizes!
Wingspan: 370cm (146 in.) 272cm (107 in.)    Accessories:
Length: 200cm (79 in.)   144cm (57 in.)  Tow release mechanism
Weight: approx. 15 lbs. approx. 8.5 lbs.   Retractable main wheel
Airfoil: HQ-Stark RG 15 Graphics sheet

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