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   ASH 25 / ASW 22

ASH 25 (20.308 Byte)


The ASW 22 / ASK 25 are the "super orchids" or "glass slippers" from the forge of Alexander Schleicher.  Our models of these two super-soarers are constructed, using our proven full fiberglass technique, to a scale of 1:5.


 ASW 22 (4.916 Byte)

The five meter (197 in.) span main wing is split into three segments to make the model more easily transportable.  Double-leaf spoilers and the recess for the actuator are built into the center section.  The flaps an ailerons can be mounted in the same, gap free, way as the original and the necessary recesses for the actuators are pre-formed.  Naturally, the wing joiner elements are precisely prepared and ready for mounting.  The flight loads are harmoniously distributed by the carbon-fiber spar.  The main former in the fuselage accepts the wing center section and is also the mounting point for the retractable main gear and fuselage servos.  The fiberglass canopy frames permit an optimum scale interior to be incorporated and allow easy access to the fuselage innards.
ASH_25_Fahrwerk_185x110.jpg (3975 Byte)

ASH_25_Flächen_228x110.jpg (5456 Byte)

Kit Information:
Full FG construction Three-piece wing Double-leaf spoilers Flaps and ailerons can be mounted gap free FG canopy frames Wing and tailplane compatible to both ASW 22 and ASK 25 Main former including retractable landing gear.
Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 500cm ( 16 ft. 5 in.) Accessories:
Length: 185cm (73 in.) Tow-release mechanism
Weight: approx. 6.5Kg (14 lb. 5 oz.)
Airfoil: HQ-Stark

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