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 The DG 303 Acro is a modern standard class sailplane which, thru appropriate structural reinforcement, is additionally certified for aerobatics.  We have succeeded in encompassing the full flight spectrum of the original in model form.

DG 300 (18.330 Byte)
DG 303 Ansteckohren (5.073 Byte)

The DG 303 is very uncritical, exhibits neutral stability in turns and responds very well to light thermals.  The HQ airfoil we have chosen for this model allows a somewhat faster speed enabling better use of stored momentum for cleaner aerobatics.




Kit Information:
Full FG construction > FG canopy frame > Built-in, double-leaf spoilers > Gap-free control surfaces > Cast aluminium spar  joiner bridge > Pressure sensitive graphics sheet > Plug-in wing tips.


Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 375cm (148 in.)/425cm (167 in.) w. tip extensions. Accessories:
Length: 170cm (67 in.)       Plug-in wing tip extensions
Weight: approx. 5.5Kg (12 lbs. Retractable landing gear
Airfoil: HQ-3.14 Strak 85mm wheel
Tow release mechanism           




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