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The Grille (Cricket) is the successor to the SG-38 primary glider with an enclosed forward fuselage section.  The fascinating lines of the original, moved us to re-create this "old-timer" in model form.  Although the production of the molds and creating the transparent fiberglass (FG) parts in composite form with balsa ribs is extremely time consuming, we can now present the Grille in full FG/composite form.

Grille (14.520 Byte)
Grille (6.450 Byte)

An old-timer in FG/composite may seem to be an anachronism,but you will be amazed with the blending of old and new in what appears to be a normal, open frame construction, covered with a perfect, waterproof and warp-free silk/dope finish.

Grille mit Motor (7.386 Byte)


Kit Information:

Full FG/composite construction Open frame two-piece wing and tail group, with transparent FG covering Fg forward fuselage with pine rear section Registration number graphics.


Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 290 cm(114 in.)  Accessories:
Length: 160 cm(63 in.)    Tow release mechanism
Weight: from 3.7Kg (8 lbs) Motor gondela for i. c. or electric power
Airfoil: HQ-Strak
Wing area: 95 dm² (1473 sq. in.)
Wing loading: approx. 12.5 oz./ sq. ft.



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