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Kirby Kite


 In 1935, the Slingsby Kirby Kite took to the skies over England.  A significant feature was the choice of the semi gull-wing planform which, in that timespan, was "very fashionable" and demonstrated markedly better circling capabilty than those aircraft with "straight" wings.  We have chosen to model the Type-23, a variant  with a landing wheel and an areodynamically optimized wing/fuselage joint in our proven full fiberglass (FG)/composite technology.

Kirby Kite (19.703 Byte)    
Kirby Kite Leitwerk (6.186 Byte)

The marriage of the gull-wing shape with the traditional wood framework and transparent surface shell proved to be a MAJOR challange for us, that, based upon customer and public feedback, has been positively met.  The Kirby Kite exhibits very good thermal flight characteristics and presents an absolutely beautiful sight with the evening sun shining thru the transparent covering.


Kirby Kite Tragfläche (4.757 Byte)


Kit Information:
Full FG construction Open frame two-piece wing and tail group, with transparent FG covering FG wing struts.


Technical Specifications:

Wingspan: 356 cm (140 in.)   Accessories:
Length: 170 cm (67 in.)    Tow release mechanism
Weight: approx. 5Kg (11 lbs)  70mm wheel
Airfoil: fx 100



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