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Lunak LF-107


The Lunak, designed in the early 1950's in Czechoslovakia, specially for glider aerobatics, never gained widespread recognition primarily due to the low production numbers.  The excellent flight characteristics prompted us to develop a model thereof that, despite a wingspan of 325cm (128 in.) with its deep chord and voluminous fuselage still presents a relatively compact package with very convincing flight characteristics.

Lunak (32.025 Byte)
Lunak Leitwerk & Tragfläche (4.900 Byte)

The model is built usuing full fiberglass (FG) techniques with a base-yellow gel-coat finish.  The characteristic rib tapes and other surface details are reproduced.  The control surfaces are gapless mounted and ready for hook-up.


Lunak Rumpf (4.618 Byte)


Kit Information:
Full FG construction Yellow gel-coat finish FG canopy frame Double-leaf spoilers Gapless control surfaces Steel rod wing joiner.


Technical Specifications:
Wingspan: 325cm (128 in.) Accessories:
Length: 168cm (66 in.)  Tow release mechanism
Weight: approx. 3.9Kg (8.6 lbs.) Wheel
Airfoil: RG 15



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