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Vivat L 13 SL


The Vivat is a powered sailplane, with two motor variations, developed using the Blanik as its basis.  Manufactured as a full fiberglass (FG) model, it is available with either a white or silver finish.  The prominent panel lines and the club-like wingtips add to the aircraft's striking appearance.

Vivat L13 SL (17.163 Byte)
Vivat L 13 SL (6.147 Byte)

All mounting points and seats from the fuselage/wing joiner to the horizontal tailplane seat are factory prepared.  With this model, you recieve a motor sailplane with self-launching capabilities, good thermic and mild aerobatic flight characteristics.

Vivat mit Einziehfahrwerk (6.927 Byte)


Kit Information:

White or silver finished full FG construction Double-leaf spoilers Club-shaped wingtips FG canopy frame Wing joiner saddle and horizontal tailplane seat precisely pre-fabricated and fitted Wings compatible with the Blanik FG main gear and wheel spats.


Technical Specifications:

Wingspan: 345cm (136 in.) Accessories:
Length: 175cm (69 ins) 65mm wheels
Weight: approx. 5.5Kg (12 lbs.)  Spinner
Airfoil: RG 15
Motor: from 10ccm (.60 c. i.) four-stroke



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